Winter Trap League

The Carroll County Gun Club hosts an annual Winter Trap League, beginning mid-November and running for 10 weeks, usually breaking around the holidays. The club's largest annual event draws many shooters from Maryland, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

Registration (sign-up) begins at 8:00 am, and shoots start at 9:00 am. Registration cut-off is 2:00 pm sharp.


League Statistician

Jody Douglas




You will be issued a League Yardage Card at your 1st shoot. Please keep card for all future league shoots. If you shoot at your wrong yardage, those scores will be disqualified. Shooters are responsible for confirmation of correct yardage.


Shooters starting yardage will be 2 yards off last year's CCGC Winter League Ending Yardage. Shooters without an established yardage from previous year will be 2 yards off their longest yardage in any league or ATA. New trap shooters without experience in any league will start at the Temporary 20 yard line. 2 Yard reduction will be given at 1st sign up during the 1st 3 weeks of league Only. If you were a Winner or Runner-Up of last year's League you are ineligible for the reduction. If you were a Winner of your Yardage Group of last year's League you are ineligible for the reduction. New shooters will be assigned a temporary yardage at 20 yards, after 3 weeks, yardage will be adjusted.


The following shooters are NOT eligible for reductions this year:


Osker Reynolds Winner of 18-19 Season
Mike Brooks Runner-Up of 18-19 Season
James Bechtel Winner of 25-27 Yardage Group
Calvin Shenton Winner of 22-24 Yardage Group
Greg Yohn Winner of 20-21 Yardage Group
Kevin O'Neill Winner of 18-19 Yardage Group

A Practice Trap is open from 8am - 3pm.



Adult Target Fee - $18

Junior Target Fee - $10

Lewis - $7

Purse - $3

Rolling 50 straight pot - $2

**Payout will be 80% of the pot with 20% starting the pot for the next week. Pot rolls over each week until it is hit.**


Mystery Ball Score - $1

**Payout will be 100% of the pot. Pot rolls over each week until it is hit.**









Year End Yardage Group Trophies:

These trophies will be based on the shooters handicap at the beginning of the season. Example: Joe starts at 19 yards and earns 3 yards during the season, if he has the highest score in the 18-19 yardage group, he will win the trophy for the 18-19 yardage group, even thought he ended in the 22-24 yardage group.



Due to the small attendance in the past few years, in place of the Banquet, we will be doing an overall Lewis with a guaranteed pot of $1,500. *You do not have to play the Lewis during the Winter League in order to be eligible. Due to higher attendance last year, we were able to increase the total overall Lewis to $2,000.00 in the 2018-2019 season.*



INCLEMENT WEATHER CLOSING RULE CHANGE: If the weather is questionable, call 410-795-9839 for closing information. We will no longer go by the Carroll County Snow Emergency Plan.


2019-2020 Season Schedule


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Winter League WEEKLY Scores



Winter League STANDINGS



Shoot #111/3/19
Shoot #211/10/19
Shoot #311/17/19
Shoot #4 11/24/19
No Shoot12/1/19
Shoot #512/8/19
Shoot #6 12/15/19
Shoot #7 12/22/19
No Shoot 12/29/19
New Year's Shoot (not a league shoot) 1/1/20
Shoot #8 1/5/20
Shoot #9 1/12/20
Shoot #10 1/19/20
2019-2020 Final Results with Over All Lewis  

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