David Feaga

David Feaga, President



Greg Smith, Vice President



Dawn Anderson, Secretary



Janice Feaga, Treasurer




Mike Greenfield

Daniel Still

Randy Redman

About Carroll County Gun Club

The Carroll County Gun Club, has nine traps, including a doubles and wobble trap, pattern board, covered deck, and air-conditioned club house (open during all events and practice days/nights). We are open to the public and encourage both young and old to visit and learn what Trap shooting is all about.

Trapshooting derives its name from the device which throws the clay targets into the air. Trap simulates the flight of a gamebird flushed ahead of the shooter and, in fact, in the original version of the sport, live birds were released from holes in the ground covered with silk top-hats. The first mention of trapshooting as a sport is found in a circa 1793 English publication titled "Sporting Magazine".

The practice of shooting live birds from traps was first introduced in the U.S. in 1831 by the Sportsmen's Club of Cincinnati, Ohio. Targets first replaced live birds about the time of the Civil War. Early varieties of targets, designed to duplicate a live bird, included a metal "bird" with rotary wings and fragile, feather-filled glass balls launched from traps resembling medieval catapults. In the 1880s, clay targets such as the ones used today were first developed, with George Ligowskey of Cincinnati credited with creating the first clay target and trap.

INCLEMENT WEATHER CLOSING RULE CHANGE: If the weather is questionable, call 410-795-9839 for closing information. We will no longer go by the Carroll County Snow Emergency Plan.

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